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INFORM specialises in AI and optimisation software to improve operational decision making. The company, based in Aachen, Germany, has been in the optimisation business for 50 years and serves a wide span of logistics industries including ports, maritime, and intermodal terminals. With a broad range of standalone and add-on software modules, INFORM delivers huge value for its customers through its unique blend of algorithmic based software expertise, rich industry experience, and big world thinking. INFORM’s industry proven optimisation algorithms have been delivering real world results at the world’s most complex ports and terminals for over 25 years, improving everything from yard stacks, vehicle utilisation, crane productivity, through to rail processes. When it comes to optimisation, experience and results, customers should count on the experts at INFORM.

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RBS specialises in the development of software applications for the Container Handling Industry and has accumulated extensive experience in software development. The company has exclusively focused on the Container Handling Industry for nearly three decades. Throughout this period, RBS has offered consulting services to the Shipping and Rail Container Handling Industry and has developed cutting-edge software tailored specifically for this sector. The company has successfully implemented its ‘TOPS’ software in numerous Container Handling operations across various countries, including Australia, Brazil, Egypt, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, New Zealand, Panama, Romania, Taiwan, Togo, and Vietnam.

Westwell is a global provider of autonomous driving solutions. They are dedicated to unlocking the potential of various industries through AI and new energy, striving to be an industry pioneer in global intelligent services.

With a mission to “make a well change” in container logistics for their customers and partners, Westwell has developed multi-scenario intelligent solutions for the bulk logistics fields, including seaports (via their dedicated seaport solution – WellOcean®), railway hubs, dry ports, airports, and factories, etc. By introducing Qomolo® (their autonomous new energy commercial vehicle brand), Westwell connects operation and circulation between various production factors and transport capacity. Through the launch of Loopo® (their digital interconnection platform for production factors), Westwell is capable of delivering enhanced efficiency and sustainable productivity value for end-users in every sector, including production nodes and trading flow.

To date, Westwell has deployed hundreds of autonomous driving vehicles and sets of autonomous driving systems commercially across the globe. Their products and services cater to a wide range of freight logistics scenarios such as seaports, dry ports, and manufacturing plants, serving over 160 clients in 18 countries and regions worldwide.

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Avlino is a US-based Artificial Intelligence company specializing in delivering solutions to enhance the efficiency of Container Terminal Operations. The company aims to transform the supply chain by providing terminal operators with solutions to overcome common pain points and challenges that undercut their business objectives.

With this mission, the company developed AICON, a Solution Suite designed to dynamically solve the challenges of demand fluctuations. Combining AI/ML and Operations Research, AICON delivers actionable insights, real-time work instructions, and autonomous workflows in a cutting-edge approach that significantly reduces manual processes, increases throughput, optimizes resource allocation, and improves customer service.

BOXBAY is a joint-venture formed by DP World and SMS group, and it offers a disruptive technology that significantly improves operations at container terminals. The BOXBAY High Bay Storage systems achieve a three-fold increase in the transshipment capacity of container terminals and use only one third of the footprint of conventional storage systems for an equivalent number of containers. Instead of stacking containers directly on top of each other, BOXBAY places each container in an individual rack, making each one directly accessible. In October 2022, the high-bay storage system for containers by BOXBAY was named as the winning concept for the German Award for Supply Chain Management 2022.

CONROO enables terminal and depot operators to efficiently handle trucks and utilise off-peak capacity. This is realised by a fully digital gate handling and a state-of-the-art slot management platform. CONROO closes the communication gap and frees up valuable logistics resources.

CONROO believes that efficient logistics is essential for the global economy. Global freight volumes continue to increase, yet a significant amount of capacity remains unused. Therefore, it is crucial that the logistics chain runs smoothly and efficiently uses all available resources. CONROO aims to accomplish this by enabling efficient logistics and recognising the value of all resources.

To achieve a maximally efficient logistics chain, CONROO works with stakeholders at all stages of the supply chain. They welcome all contacts and exchanges from terminal or depot enthusiasts, truckers, freight forwarders, logisticians, applicants, decision-makers, and members of the press.

Rocsys is recognised as a frontrunner in the field of autonomous charging solutions for electric transportation. Employing a pioneering methodology that integrates soft robotics, AI-driven computer vision, and data-centric services, Rocsys is dedicated to delivering a dependable, smooth, productive, and economical charging encounter for both fleets and consumers. By actively participating in industry consortiums and establishing strategic alliances with multinational corporations and OEMs, Rocsys establishes itself as the benchmark for the forthcoming era of autonomous charging.

Over 5500 electrical port cranes worldwide are currently controlled and driven by Siemens, the number one brand of choice in port cranes since 1891 where Siemens commissioned the world´s first electrical port crane. Siemens´ extensive experience in development, engineering and commissioning ensures technical and operational how-how. This domain know-how is key in digitalization and automation of terminals and enables successful brownfield modernization & automation projects to ensure reliable, safe, productive operation against lowest cost of ownership.

TMEIC propels industries globally with its extensive range of distinctive system solutions, encompassing variable frequency drives, motors, photovoltaic inverters, and advanced automation systems tailored to diverse industrial applications. The birth of Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation (TMEIC) in 2003 marked the amalgamation of Toshiba and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation’s industrial systems divisions.

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AllRead is a software company specialising in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solutions for the port ecosystem. Since 2019, it has been helping Intermodal platforms to control containers gate-in/gate-out by road, rail, or cranes. Following a patented technology based on Deep Learning (Artificial Intelligence), AllRead offers a lightweight and cost-effective system to Ports and Terminal Operators, removing financial and technical barriers to adoption. AllRead’s customers include some of the largest port operators in Europe and Latin America: The Port Authorities of Valencia, Algeciras, Barcelona, Hutchison BEST Terminal, HGK CTS Terminal, D&C Group, Port of San Antonio (EPSA), among others.

The applied AI company known as ATAI is at the forefront of Digital Transformation in the Maritime, Logistics, and Supply Chain industries. Their pioneering efforts focus on optimising productivity and recognising opportunities for sustainability and cost efficiency through innovative business models. ATAI achieves this by streamlining current processes with comprehensive problem-solving applied AI solutions. Their capabilities are enhanced by AI algorithms, sensors such as cameras, location sensors, wireless mesh networks like LoRa and 5G, as well as lidar and radar technology. As a result, ATAI has successfully tackled numerous operational hurdles across various market sectors.

Camco Technologies is recognised as a pioneer and market leader in container terminal automation. Their image recognition and location tracking solutions are capable of registering all movements that occur during the container hand-over processes at various locations such as the gate, yard, cranes, and rail operations. The data captured by their solutions allows for optimisation of terminal processes, while their software empowers terminals to achieve their digitalisation goals. The solutions provided by Camco Technologies play a significant role in enhancing operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

All the necessary hardware and software for their solutions are developed at Camco Technologies’ headquarters in Belgium. Their solutions have already been successfully implemented in over 300 terminals worldwide. With a widespread network of subsidiaries and partnerships, Camco Technologies ensures that their clients are always within easy reach.

DSP Data and System Planning – DSP – has been operating as a technological company in the Ports & Terminals industry since 1986. They provide a wide range of professional services and products aimed at aiding ports and terminals in their optimisation and digitalisation endeavours.

The company offers global consulting and support services and products related to Terminal Operating Systems (TOS) and automation. They possess the necessary expertise to carry out comprehensive N4 implementations, which encompass project management, business process mapping, configuration, integrations, training, testing, go-live support, and post go-live assistance.

FERNRIDE offers scalable automation solutions for yard trucking that increase productivity, promote sustainability, and improve worker safety. The company employs a human-assisted autonomy approach, which allows for remote takeovers of trucks when necessary. This ensures seamless integration and reliable operations for logistics operators. With over a decade of research and high-profile customers, including Volkswagen, HHLA, and DB Schenker, FERNRIDE uses cutting-edge technology to address major industry challenges, such as driver shortages and the negative environmental impact of logistics operations. The company was founded by Hendrik Kramer, Maximilian Fisser, and Jean-Michael Georg, and currently has over 130 employees.

IGO Solutions are specialists in container terminal automation and over the past 20 years have played a significant role in automating over 12 global container terminals. 

They are also leading provider of AI-driven optimisation technology solutions for container terminals, offering new generation products and consulting services, that are making a real tangible difference to container operations.

Over the past years IGO has invested in innovative solutions aimed at further improving container operations at significantly lower costs than their competition. These solutions include:-

  • Remote STS Crane Automation using latest LIDAR cameras through our sister company AMLAB
  • Latest RFID Technolgy, for location detection services through our sister concern IGOVicinity


TrentGO are a Global eMarketplace company, headquartered in Singapore, with a simple aim “To become a truly global eMarketplace where all ‘Buyers, Sellers & Logistic Partners’ can interact and trade in a transparent, live and competitive manner”.

With multiple port customers, on 5 continents today, their mission, focus, and drive is to:

  • Change the way ports and port operators look at buying all their spare part needs forever.
  • Become the world’s leading online Spare Parts, Products & Services E-Marketplace for Ports, and bring an unparalleled level of service to ports worldwide.
  • Become the most transparent, easiest, and cost-effective way to buy products & spare parts for a terminal.
  • Support digitalisation of ports and provide a new business process flows to support increasing levels of equipment and process automation within the port industry.
Kalmar is recognised as the global leader in sustainable cargo and material handling for ports, terminals, distribution centres, and heavy industry. The company boasts an extensive electric portfolio and a worldwide service network, which enables them to assist their customers in transitioning towards safer, more eco-efficient, and productive operations. Collaboratively, Kalmar and its customers work towards developing innovative solutions that have the potential to shape the future of the industry, ultimately enhancing the efficiency of their customers’ operations.

Moffatt & Nichol is a multidisciplinary, full-service professional services firm that possesses expertise in structural, marine, and waterfront facilities; civil, coastal, mechanical, and electrical design; marine construction cost engineering; and inspection and rehabilitation. The company offers creative and practical solutions in the field of port engineering. With over 75 years of experience, Moffatt & Nichol is recognised as a leader in the planning, design, and operations of ports and maritime infrastructure, and has played a crucial role in the development of terminal and waterfront facilities worldwide.

Throughout the evolution of containerisation and the current complexities of goods movement trends, environmental regulations, and advanced technologies, Moffatt & Nichol has established an international reputation for delivering innovative solutions to support a wide range of port, maritime, and freight transportation projects.

Navis is recognised as the foremost brand of TOS within the Kaleris supply chain execution software platform. The Navis TOS solution has been instrumental in enhancing performance and efficiency for esteemed organisations operating in the cargo supply chain.

The company takes great pride in its ability to amalgamate industry best practises with cutting-edge technology and exceptional services, thereby empowering its customers to achieve maximum performance and mitigate risk, regardless of the nature of their cargo. By adopting a comprehensive approach to operational optimisation, Navis users are able to reap the benefits of enhanced visibility, swifter processes, and quantifiable business outcomes.

Whether it involves monitoring cargo movements within a terminal, enhancing vessel safety and cargo capacity, optimising rail network planning and asset utilisation, automating equipment operations, or managing multiple terminals through an integrated and centralised solution, Navis plays a pivotal role in streamlining operations.

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TMEIC propels industries globally with its extensive range of distinctive system solutions, encompassing variable frequency drives, motors, photovoltaic inverters, and advanced automation systems tailored to diverse industrial applications. The birth of Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation (TMEIC) in 2003 marked the amalgamation of Toshiba and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation’s industrial systems divisions.

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Prodevelop is a software company specialised in ports and terminals digitalisation that has a technological alliance with 200+ ports and terminals worldwide. With thirty years of collaboration on innovative projects, they offer their clients cutting-edge technology to transform their business through digitalisation, solving complex problems and differentiating them from their competition.

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Three Group Solutions delivers wholesale, enterprise, and IoT solutions that leverage CK Hutchison’s global mobile networks, partner networks, and CK Hutchison’s expertise in ports and related services, retail, and infrastructure. CK Hutchison Group Telecom operates the three networks in Italy, the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, and Ireland. It also holds a majority interest in Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Limited (HTHKH), providing cutting-edge mobile services in Hong Kong and Macau. Hutchison Asia Telecom (HAT) comprises CK Hutchison’s mobile operations in three rapidly growing Asian markets – Indonesia, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. Hutchison Ports, the world’s leading port investor, developer, and operator, is also a member of CK Hutchison Holdings. This unique position enables Three Group Solutions to offer customers the best solution designers, engineers, and go-to-market specialists across CK Hutchison, in addition to market expertise.

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Portchain is known as the leading provider of berth alignment solutions for container terminals and carriers. They collaborate with prominent container carriers and terminal operators to develop mutually beneficial solutions that enhance operational efficiency in container shipping. Established in 2017 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Portchain operates on a worldwide level, catering to container terminals and carriers across Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and Africa.

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GullsEye is a terminal operating system that accelerates container, ro-ro, general cargo, and liquid cargo services in the terminals. The system guarantees customer satisfaction and provides comprehensive auditability through its advanced monitoring and reporting modules.

The optimization and workflow modules of GullsEye contribute to increased productivity and reduced operating expenses. The system offers rich dashboards designed for mobile devices and web, allowing users to access all statistics and key performance indicators instantly. This feature enables users to make timely decisions with accurate and real-time information. Additionally, customers can manage and monitor operations from anywhere using the web and mobile applications provided by GullsEye. Overall, GullsEye offers terminal customers a complete self-service solution for executing and monitoring their operations.

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Visy provides process automation ecosystems to manage the flow of traffic, cargo and personnel in ports, terminals, and logistics centres. Every asset that goes in or out of a facility, whether by road, rail, or quay, can be managed by Visy technology. Visy’s mission is to help its customers save time and money on each transaction therefore improving operational KPIs.

With a history spanning three decades, Visy is a pioneer in optical character recognition (OCR), applied AI, and deep learning for camera-based solutions in process automation. Visy ecosystems manage more than 6,000,000 automation tasks per day in over 30 countries to improve the quality of the supply chain.

Visit www.visy.fi to learn more.


AUCOS-Systems GmbH was founded by Rüdiger Metternich in Buchholz i.d.N. in 2018. It serves as the sole sales company for all the different technical systems developed by RMM, Metternich Mechatronik GmbH, which are designed to optimise technical equipment connected with the horizontal transport of containers.

The main product offered by AUCOS-Systems is AUCOS-Coup, an automatic coupling between truck and trailer. This product has been in use and patented since 2010, and it is currently being utilised at various terminals worldwide. Another innovative development by AUCOS-Systems is AUCOS-Lock, an automatic locking system for containers on the chassis. Additionally, the company is working on the development of other components such as AUCOS-Leg.

The leading company in the field of wire rope and conveyor belt inspection devices and automatic online real-time monitoring systems is Luoyang Wire Rope Inspection Technology Co., Ltd, also known as TCK.W. They specialise in the design, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales services of these products. By integrating the MRT system and VI system, they are able to easily, accurately, and efficiently detect both internal and external defects. TCK.W products have obtained CE, TUV, IC, and FCC certificates, making them suitable for various industries such as port and marine, onshore and offshore, steel and metallurgy, mining, elevator, cable car, and construction.

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