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2022 Agenda

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CTAC 2022 brought together the world’s leading container terminal operators into one room, marking a long-awaited return to fully live, in-person networking.

Key topics included industry standardisation, automation, digitalisation, and the role of advanced technologies in container terminals.

Standardisation: When Will The Industry Get Its Breakthrough Moment?

Terminal Operators are acknowledging the need for a set of industry wide data standards, which will be required to improve supply chain collaboration, interoperability and build a basis upon which new technologies can be successfully implemented. What are the final obstacles to achieving a breakthrough, and what will a standardised industry look like?

Digitalisation: Building On The Post-Pandemic Momentum 

The drive for continued digitalisation in the supply chain has been spiked by the global pandemic, so it is essential that the industry takes the opportunity to push forward and create a solid basis upon which big data projects and digital technologies can easily be implemented to transform operations, mitigate risk, and enable innovation.

Technology Showcase: Affordable, Accessible Automation 

With BusinessWire reporting that almost 96% of container terminals are yet to see any form of automation, the barrier to entry for some terminals is significant. Finding accessible and affordable solutions could provide most terminals with a start to their automation journey.

Investing In Automation: Lessons Learned From Unprecedented Supply Chain Pressure

Before the pandemic, ports and terminals were already under significant pressure to upgrade their infrastructure and accelerate their path to automation. Now, with the lessons learned from a strained supply chain, terminal operators will need to invest in fast, smart and green solutions and the infrastructure required to handle larger ships and increased volume.

How 5G/LTE And Wireless Solutions Can Transform Operations 

The Internet of Things facilitates the tracking of all moving parts in the terminal, including the containers themselves. This session will discuss how IoT technology can improve operational efficiency and lower operating costs.

How IoT Technology Is Revolutionising Data Collection In Container Terminals 

The Internet of Things facilitates the tracking of all moving parts in the terminal, including the containers themselves. This session will discuss how IoT technology can improve operational efficiency and lower operating costs.

Keynote Address from INFORM: AI Tool or Threat 

If we look back just a few short years ago to 2017, AI wasn’t a topic that was on many conference agendas and was in even fewer terminal’s investment strategies. Fast forward to today, there is a plethora of AI projects coming online over the past 18 months and an almost equal number of start-ups claiming to be the only AI based solutions for your terminal. In this keynote, INFORM will delve into whether AI has evolved into a useful tool or a threat to the industry as we know it.

Optimising Container Terminal Operations with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The uses for artificial intelligence and machine learning technology are infinite, but it is important that terminal operators determine which applications can improve efficiency in their operations, reduce costs and enable them to leverage their assets more intelligently.

This session will showcase the solutions which are allowing terminal operators to optimise their operations and provide an analysis on which areas of your operation will benefit most from the technology.

Digital Twin Technology: Smart Decision Making in the Terminal 

Digital Twin technology is revolutionising decision making in container terminals by providing a virtual environment for better understanding, monitoring, and testing of your operation.

Here, we will understand the various benefits of the technology and consider whether a digital twin is essential for container terminals that do not want to fall behind.

The Future of Big Data & Analytics

This session will discuss how the analytics projects are providing container terminals with the tools to make data driven decisions and how industry standards will unlock untapped potential for supply chain collaboration and change the way data is collected, shared, and utilised.

Cybersecurity: An Increasing Threat With Real Consequences

With the introduction of smart ports and new technologies, the threat of a cyber-attack in the container terminal is at an all-time high. Smart ports and a greater number of access points mean that ports and terminals are at their most vulnerable, while malicious activity and cyber-attacks are growing in number.

This panel discussion will address the preventative measures that can be taken by container terminals and present the most promising tools for cyber-resiliency.

Resiliency: How the Industry Can Prepare for Fluctuating Demand 

As a result of the global pandemic, the supply chain has seen unprecedented disruption and demand. This panel discussion will discuss how container terminals can improve their resiliency through strategy and investment, while forecasting the remainder of the year.

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