Sun Fei

Automation Architect

2006, software engineer, joined ZPMC and started to work on automated terminals.

2006 – 2010, software engineer, automation demonstration Terminal on ChangXing Island.

2011 – 2013, ROCS (Remote Operation Control System) product manager, HIT 24 ARMGs automated retrofit project in Hong Kong.

2013 – 2015, ROCS (Remote Operation Control System) product manager, fully automated terminal project in Xiamen.

2016 – 2018, Automation Architect, Hutchison 10 automated RTGs project in Thailand.

2015 – Now, Automation Architect, APMT 14 automation RMGs project in Italy.


Post COVID-19: The Impact of the Pandemic on Port Terminal Operations and New Innovation Projects
This session will discuss the effect the global pandemic has had on port terminals and the adjustments that can be made to mitigate the challenges posed by the resultant regulations, social distancing guidelines and a strained economy.

– How will the pandemic affect the implementation of innovation projects?
– Social Distancing rules: How to run an efficient terminal whilst abiding by health and safety guidelines.
– Resiliency: Has the pandemic improved the business case for terminal automation?