Silja Lorenzen

Manager Operation Optimisation and Technology


Silja Lorenzen, Manager Operation Optimization and Technology in the department of Global Operations, DP World Head Office, is passionate about the world trade with its terminals, ports and the supply chain. The international perspective from a global company in a generally growing economy fascinates her, where digitization and digitalization plays a key role. Silja has a strong background in logistics, IT and terminal operation.


Standardisation: How Data Sharing and Collaboration Can Revolutionise the Sector
Data sharing and collaboration will allow all terminal operators to be fluent in the same language; optimising operations industry wide and streamlining other technology projects. This discussion will outline the path towards standardisation and consider why the competitive mindset is holding back achievable changes that would benefit all.

– Speaking in the same language: How data sharing and collaboration can optimise operations in every terminal and provide equitable benefits among all terminal operators.
– Learning from aviation: How regulation could provide the answer to data standards in the industry.
– Uncovering how automation projects can be more easily implemented and configured with standardisation, rather than the costly and time-consuming process of building each project from scratch.