Piet Opstaele

Innovation Enablement Manager
Port of Antwerp

As innovation ‘enablement’ manager for the Port Authority, Piet is one of the drivers of the digital and innovation transition in the Port of Antwerp. Based on a founded strategy with a pragmatic approach in executing concrete innovation projects, he makes the ‘Port of the Future’ tangible and leads the development of Port of Antwerp as open innovation platform (e.g.  on smart shipping, drones) – on which startups, companies, knowledge institutions and other authorities create new value for the Antwerp port ecosystem.


In the 90’s, Piet started at one of the most successful startups in the Benelux – Tele Atlas, a producer of digital geographic data – acquired by TomTom in 2008. Between 2011 and 2014 he managed a consultancy firm and was closely involved in start-ups in the energy sector. Piet holds 2 masters, in History and Spatial and Urban Planning, post-graduates in energy and environmental management and an MBA International management.


Emerging Technologies and How Innovation Projects Translate to Real-World Results
Recent years have seen rapid advancements in technological innovation, which is impacting the way port terminals are run, but it can be difficult to decide which technologies deserve your investment. This update will discuss which technologies will provide instant value to your terminal and suggest which technologies may not be ready for widespread adoption.

– How Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can analyse collected data with ultra-efficiency and help make predictive decisions.
– Will the deployment of 5G revolutionise the flow of information in the port?
– Smart Ports of the future: How terminals can install a wide range of emerging technologies to create a maximally efficient automated terminal.
– Evaluating case studies where emerging technologies have provided measurable value, from IoT, to drones and augmented reality.