Muneeb Khadeer

Director of Product Management

As product leader at Navis, Muneeb Khadeer has over 10 years of experience building products and solutions that make people’s lives less stressful, more informative, productive and prosperous. His primary focus over the past several months has been to bring better user experience, visibility and insights to terminal and vessel operations. To achieve this, he and his team have spent those months engaging with customers, partners, along with subject matter experts within the industry to introduce new products that were built for the operators and the operations that they perform on a daily basis. These products enable us to better capture the state of the real-time operation and bring next-level insights that promote safety, improve productivity and help reduce costs while we continue to grow the amount of goods we transport safely and securely around the world.


Big Data & Analytics: Utilising Data to Make Meaningful and Value-Added Decisions
Big Data projects are revolutionising information processing in the port by providing terminal operators with the information they need to make results-oriented decisions. Panellists will discuss how Big Data projects will give you full control of your operations and allow you to extract key insights from an otherwise unmanageable and underutilised quantity of data.

– Improve efficiency in the terminal with real-time data analytics.
– How Big data can provide the backbone to automation projects.
– Predictive analytics: How can you anticipate disruption to your operations and use data to perform accurate predictive maintenance?
– Business intelligence: Utilising data to inform and adapt your terminal strategy.
– The importance of optimising data visualisation to ensure you are uncovering the most valuable insights hidden within your data.