Dr. Mathias Dobner


After receiving his doctorate in mech. engineering Mathias left his position as research associate at the RWTH University Aachen, Germany and spent his entire professional life as executive manager in the field of container handling systems.

1996:    Mathias joined the Port Technology Division of the former MANNESMANN DEMAG AG

1998:    Head of “Systems Development” of DEMAG’s subsidiary GOTTWALD, responsible for        automation of container handling with AGV’s and ASC’s.

2004:    appointed CTO and later CEO of entire Gottwald Port Technology GmbH.

2006:    called into the Executive Committee of parent company DEMAG CRANES AG.

2011:    After takeover of DEMAG by TEREX Corporation, Mathias took over responsibility
            as VP R&D and Operations for TEREX PORT SOLUTIONS (TPS), bundling all port             technology activities of TEREX in one single business.

2018:    after a further takeover of DEMAG by KONECRANES, Mathias quit his position and joined the          German industrial engineering specialist SMS Group as VP Container Handling Systems and   was appointed CEO of the new joint-venture BOXBAY formed by the SMS Group and the       global port operator DP WORLD which plans to revolutionize containers handling in ports.

Clear goal of all of Mathias activities has always been to develop customer-orientated solutions by examining the possibility to transfer industrial technologies and trends to port technology applications.

He has a deep understanding of the variety of interfaces, environmental influences and material flow requirements in container terminals and sees a holistic system solution approach as crucial for the development of successful, efficient and effective handling systems.


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