Luis Canto

Chief Technical Officer
Yilport Holdings

Luis CANTO is an Argentine Engineer who has been working at the Ports Industry for the last 25 years.
He is the Chief Technical Officer of Yildirim Holdings, a Port Operator managing 25 ports along Asia, Europe, Africa, South and Centro America.

He started as a Design Engineer for STS and RTGs electrical and control system at IMPSA, crane OEM from Argentina, where he later moved to South East Asia, to take care of the Impsa Services company related to after sales of equipment, maintenance, retrofits and upgrades.

Then he joined Kalmar/Cargotec APAC Crane Upgrades division, handling cranes projects for Terminals at Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Korea and Australia among others.
A few years later, he joined MMC Ports, a Malaysian Operator who owned 5 Ports at Malaysia, handling more than 14 M TEU per year, as Chief Technical Officer, before joining Yilport.
At Yilport, the “Port Game Changer”, they have implemented Automatic RTGs at different Terminals while caring for a Sustainable growth.


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