Luis Canto

Chief Technical Officer
MMC Port

Luis is a professional Electronics Engineer, originally from Argentina. He started his career working at the Engineering Design department of a Crane Manufacturer (IMPSA) taking charge of the Electrical and Control System design followed by the Commissioning of new QCs.

Then he has worked at several industries such as cement, electromedicine, airports, ferroalloy mostly at the Engineering and Automation departments.

For the last 15 years he has been based at Malaysia taking care of Crane Upgrades and Services for different Ports and Terminals at the whole Asia Pacific (Impsa and Cargotec).

Then he has been the Chief Technical Officer of MMC Ports who owns 5 Ports in Malaysia, handling 14 Mil TEUs and having 120 Quay Cranes, 330 RTGs and more than 800 Prime Movers among other equipment.

At MMC Ports he has been leading the internal standardization and improvement programs as long as the new equipment and port master plans developments.


Standardisation: How Data Sharing and Collaboration Can Revolutionise the Sector
Data sharing and collaboration will allow all terminal operators to be fluent in the same language; optimising operations industry wide and streamlining other technology projects. This discussion will outline the path towards standardisation and consider why the competitive mindset is holding back achievable changes that would benefit all.

– Speaking in the same language: How data sharing and collaboration can optimise operations in every terminal and provide equitable benefits among all terminal operators.
– Learning from aviation: How regulation could provide the answer to data standards in the industry.
– Uncovering how automation projects can be more easily implemented and configured with standardisation, rather than the costly and time-consuming process of building each project from scratch.