Floris Vernooij

Senior Product Manager

Floris Vernooij has been with Navis for over 6 years. Initially starting as a consultant, he is now part of the product management team where he is leading the team that is building the next suite of tools which helps both manned as automated terminals achieve higher levels of productivity and efficiency. Floris holds a Bachelor in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management.


Best Strategy for Retrofitting Terminals With Automation
Fully automated greenfield projects grab the headlines, yet most automation investment is taking place at existing terminals, with limited space, outdated legacy systems and an existing workforce. This panel discussion will debate how to face the challenges and advantages in retrofitting automation.

– To change current processes to fit new automation or to change the automation to fit the current processes?
– Introducing remote controlled equipment to comply with a possible future Covid XX?
– Selecting the optimal technology for your brownfield terminal.
– Use of proven technology versus innovations on a terminal?
– Training and upskilling staff for your semi-automated terminal.