Duncan Glass

Terminal Manager
Exolgan Container Terminal

Duncan Glass works as Terminal Manager for Exolgan Container Terminal, in Buenos Aires – Argentina. Duncan has 30 years’ experience in Container Shipping and Marine Terminal Industry. For past 12 years he has been responsible in steering the Terminal’s operations and developing Process Automation. Prior to joining Exolgan, Duncan had been Commercial Manager of Terminal Pacifico Sur (TPS), Valparaiso, Chile.


Change Management: Preparing Your Terminal for Automation
The initial move to automation has caused disruption in many sectors, so how can terminal operators prepare their terminal and staff for the cultural change, mitigate disruption, and ensure a smooth transition.

– What skills and training are required and for whom?
– How best to reposition your workforce to fit a semi-automated terminal.
– How to manage a remote workforce without taking a hit to productivity.