Carlos Lopez Barbera

Sr. Director of Product Management

Carlos Lopez Barbera is the Sr. Director of Product Management at Navis. He has been with Navis for 7 years and during his journey he had the opportunity to be part of some of the most innovative projects in the industry. His experience on the field is fundamental to understand the real challenges of the maritime industry and leverage the best ideas to build great products.


Opening Remarks
Focusing on the Navis approach and philosophy behind Automation and how this ‘long-view’ partner approach is continuing to deliver quantifiable results for Automation customers.
Debating the Future of Automation
The adoption of automation in ports and terminals has accelerated, but operational difficulties and high costs has meant that the industry has been slow to adopt the technology. In this Panel, industry experts will anticipate the complex variables which will affect the adoption of automation in both brownfield and greenfield projects in the next decade.

– Discussing whether full automation is on the horizon for existing terminals.
– Which factors will improve the business case for automation projects in the coming years?
– Will a winning ‘playbook’ for successful automation emerge?
– How standardisation between terminals would streamline the implementation process and accelerate new automation projects.
– Predicting which innovative advanced technologies will yield the best value.