Bart Noothoven

Dir Projects & Development
Terminal des Flandres (Terminal Link/CMA-CGM)

Bart Noothoven is currently the Project and Development director for Terminal des Flandres, Dunkerque in northern France, a container terminal which has undergone significant growth over the last few years and requires further optimization of its potential through an increased level of modernization; automation is therefore considered.

Bart has over 25 years all rounded hands-on experience in the maritime industry and sat on all sides of the table; shipping (vessels and agencies), port and terminal management/operations, and port/terminal development green and brown fields from operator side as well as contractor, for the container trade, bulk (dry/wet) and general cargo trades in a variety of different and challenging environments, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

Pragmatism, realism, creating structure/’simplification’ and a solid foundation for and understanding of the wider operating environment for the longer term/wider picture are reoccurring elements in his style.

Bart, ‘jack of many trades’, has the Eur-Ing accreditation in maritime management of the Rotterdam Maritime Academy/university of applied sciences, did APMT’s management Magnum Programme early 2000’s, in-house training with the large US engineering, construction and prj mngt firm Bechtel to name a few.


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