Simon van Wijlen

Project Manager IT & Integration
PSA Antwerp & Owner, Paragon Management & Consultancy

Simon van Wijlen is a marine terminal IT Director professional with a passion for ensuring that IT adds value to the terminal operation. He is specialized in terminal automation, building IT teams, and getting the terminal to a high level of performance. Coming from a solid manufacturing and logistics background, Simon is since 2000 in the marine terminal business with main focus on [semi] automated container terminals and with a love for general cargo terminals as well. In 2019 Simon started Paragon Management & Consultancy with a focus on IT [automation] projects in marine terminals.

2000 – 2010       IT Director for Ceres Paragon Terminals Amsterdam / Amsterdam Container Terminals, consisting of an existing general cargo & container terminal while building a new straddle container terminal with [at that time] advanced features.

2010 – 2015       IT Director for Abu Dhabi Terminals, consisting of an existing general cargo & container terminal while building a new semi-automated container terminal, one of the first in the world and the first in the Middle-East.

2015 – 2019       Head of IT & Systems for Rotterdam World Gateway, starting up a new fully-automated terminal, one of three in the world and all starting at the same time, all with new core software.

Since September 2019, owner of Paragon Management & Consultancy, working on a brownfield project as PM IT & Integration.


Integration: How to Integrate New Automated Solutions with your Existing TOS
– Is there a need to standardise internal processes?
– How to seamlessly install the required equipment, devices, control and supervision systems, transmission and data gathering systems and real-time software applications to your terminal with limited disruption.
– How can add-on software solutions provide additional automated functionality on top of your existing TOS.
– How brownfield automation projects can implement and integrate new technology incrementally.