Rich Ceci

VP of Systems and Technology
Virginia International Terminals

Rich Ceci joined VIT in May 2016 as Senior Vice President of Technology and Projects.

He is currently responsible for both IT and major projects in the Port of Virginia. Rich recently completed a pair of projects valued at over $800M that added nearly 2M TEU of capacity to the port.  The Virginia Projects won recognition by Lloyds List for their innovation and environmentally conscious design. Since 2004 Rich has completed 4 major terminal automation projects, all of which finished on-time and on-budget.


Integration: How to Integrate New Automated Solutions with your Existing TOS
– Is there a need to standardise internal processes?
– How to seamlessly install the required equipment, devices, control and supervision systems, transmission and data gathering systems and real-time software applications to your terminal with limited disruption.
– How can add-on software solutions provide additional automated functionality on top of your existing TOS.
– How brownfield automation projects can implement and integrate new technology incrementally.
Post COVID-19: The Impact of the Pandemic on Port Terminal Operations and New Innovation Projects
This session will discuss the effect the global pandemic has had on port terminals and the adjustments that can be made to mitigate the challenges posed by the resultant regulations, social distancing guidelines and a strained economy.

– How will the pandemic affect the implementation of innovation projects?
– Social Distancing rules: How to run an efficient terminal whilst abiding by health and safety guidelines.
– Resiliency: Has the pandemic improved the business case for terminal automation?