Rafiq Swash


Aidrivers Founder and Believer Dr. Swash brings extensive experience in technology driven industries, academia and research centres globally. Dr. Swash has contributed greatly to research in AI, visual information search, financial computing, computer vision, 3D sensors, data analytics and automation at an international level.

Dr Swash’s professional experience spans expert systems, autonomous vehicles, advanced connected robotics, IOT, advanced imaging and visualization, information search and retrieval, as well as knowledge representations with behavioural and pattern modelling. Throughout his extensive career Dr. Swash has built a world class network of professionals and academics and secured a loyal and industry leading organisations at Aidrivers.


Retrofitting Automation In Brownfield Terminals
18th May 2021, 3:30PM – 4:45PM BST
This session will feature case studies from brownfield terminals who have successfully retrofitted automation equipment, provide strategies, and advise those facing the challenge of automating with an operational terminal.

• Anticipating the best strategy for brownfield terminals aiming for automation in the next 5 years.
• Which technologies and equipment are providing the best results?
• How automation equipment can be implemented with minimal impact on capacity.
• How automation can be implemented by using large-scale equipment such as automated stacking cranes in combination with smaller automated equipment and remote processes.