Miguel Ángel Llorente Carmona

Product Manager, R&D Engineer

Miguel A. Llorente is Innovation & Terminals Digital Transformation Head in Prodevelop S.L., where he manages the evolution of product and services focused in the improvement of daily operations of ports and terminals, managing and coordinating a multi-disciplinary team of professionals with a wide experience in port and maritime innovation.

He is a qualified Telecommunications Engineer (MSc, 2009), earned an MBA in Global Markets (2014), and is a Master in Industry 4.0 (2018) with over 10 years of experience in industrial innovation. He has a strong background in sensor networks, tiny/low power communications, industrial IoT and big data analytics and collaborates in several research programmes and standardization initiatives.


Extracting the most value from your terminal with big data and analytics projects
Wednesday 19th May 2021, 5:15PM – 6:15PM BST
With the collection of high-quality data becoming more efficient each year, we will investigate how terminals can extract the greatest value from their data to increase visibility and drive-up productivity.

• How Big Data and Analytics can provide ‘continuous improvement’ in the terminal.
• How the IoT and a digital platform help to fully digitise terminals, collect data from every machine on site and facilitate a smooth implementation to automated solutions.
• Deeper insights and how they can read data and allow terminals to react to real-time problems, predict future situations and prevent issues.
• Training management to take full advantage of Big Data and Analytics technologies.
• Can Big Data and Analytics yield the same value in smaller or less equipped terminals?