Marta Wenta


Co-founder of SeaData Ltd., a company providing environmental monitoring services for ports and other maritime companies. Products in my portfolio, associated with flagship SeaData product – YetiSense system, are: Designer of risk assessment tool – predicting the risk of dusting from bulk cargo operations and the danger of high level of pollution due to weather conditions. Co-designer of air pollution and weather monitoring system within YetiSense. Co-designer of notification and alarming systems in YetiSense. My main area of interest within the company is the analysis of atmospheric phenomenons and air circulation in relation to air pollution and the usage of drones in environmental monitoring. In the free time, I am finishing my Ph.D. focusing on numerical weather prediction.


The Common Goal: Sustainability & Emissions Targets
Thursday 20th May 2021, 2:00PM – 3:00PM BST
Sustainability and the push to decarbonise remain key priorities of port terminals with continued pressure from IMO to reduce carbon emissions. This debate will address the problem and try to find a common solution to what is a common aim of the industry.

– To what extent is Port to Port collaboration and cooperation with shipping companies key to achieving industry wide decarbonisation?
– Which plug & play technologies can immediately reduce emissions in your terminal?
– Is continued Automation and Electrification the answer?
– Understanding the results of fuel cell vs battery cell electrification. Will the industry pass on Hydrogen and head for battery electrics?
– Is sustainability ever the main incentive for new projects, or just a consideration?