Lamia Kerdjoudj Belkaid

Secretary General

Ms. Lamia KERDJOUDJ-BELKAID is the Secretary General of FEPORT, the Federation of European Private Port Companies and Terminals since March 2014. She holds an Executive MBA from ESSEC and Mannheim Business Schools as well as Master Degrees in Shipping, Transport and Logistics as well as in English Literature and Applied Psychology.

She has a professional experience of more than 25 years during which she held different positions within the maritime and logistics sector.

Among others, she has been for more than seven year the Public Affairs manager of the French Shipowners’ Organization. Between 2009 – 2012, she has also been appointed as a senior expert and advisor in the framework of several European projects financed by different Directorates of the European Commission.

She has also worked for private companies and corporations (among others Capmarine, Budd SA, CATRAM, EGIS) and has been in charge of consulting and business development assignments for large multinational companies. She is since 12 years a lecturer in Business schools in France and Germany in the field of stakeholders’ management and multilateral negotiations.


The Common Goal: Sustainability & Emissions Targets
Thursday 20th May 2021, 2:00PM – 3:00PM BST
Sustainability and the push to decarbonise remain key priorities of port terminals with continued pressure from IMO to reduce carbon emissions. This debate will address the problem and try to find a common solution to what is a common aim of the industry.

– To what extent is Port to Port collaboration and cooperation with shipping companies key to achieving industry wide decarbonisation?
– Which plug & play technologies can immediately reduce emissions in your terminal?
– Is continued Automation and Electrification the answer?
– Understanding the results of fuel cell vs battery cell electrification. Will the industry pass on Hydrogen and head for battery electrics?
– Is sustainability ever the main incentive for new projects, or just a consideration?