Boris Wenzel

Managing Director
Terminal Link

Seasoned CEO with strong focus on strategy and change-management. Twenty years’ experience in senior leadership positions in Asia and Europe backed by early experience as a turn-around specialist and proven track record in building successful teams and creating shareholder value. Multi-industry, multi-company and multi-continent experience in diverse cultural environments and solid experience representing interests of financial institutions & PE type investors. Passionate communicator able to build trust and to convince stakeholders to envision and support important transformations of the business or of the industry.

Extensive negotiation and lobbying experience dealing at the top governmental levels in Europe, Asia and South America, as well as EU institutions.




Big Data & Analytics: Utilising Data to Make Meaningful and Value-Added Decisions
Big Data projects are revolutionising information processing in the port by providing terminal operators with the information they need to make results-oriented decisions. Panellists will discuss how Big Data projects will give you full control of your operations and allow you to extract key insights from an otherwise unmanageable and underutilised quantity of data.

– Improve efficiency in the terminal with real-time data analytics.
– How Big data can provide the backbone to automation projects.
– Predictive analytics: How can you anticipate disruption to your operations and use data to perform accurate predictive maintenance?
– Business intelligence: Utilising data to inform and adapt your terminal strategy.
– The importance of optimising data visualisation to ensure you are uncovering the most valuable insights hidden within your data.