Container Terminal
Automation Conference

2020 Agenda

Last year saw the first ever virtual Container Terminal Automation Conference which unpacked the most important topics and questions for Terminal Operators seeking to innovate and push for automation.  

The event provided the best strategies for transitioning out of an unprecedented year and explored how Terminal Operators will continue to build resiliency to prepare for an unpredictable future.

Key topics included:

Best Strategy for Retrofitting Terminals With Automation

Fully automated greenfield projects grab the headlines, yet most automation investment is taking place at existing terminals, with limited space, outdated legacy systems and an existing workforce. This panel discussion debates how to face the challenges and advantages in retrofitting automation.

How Port Terminals Can Achieve Their Sustainability Targets

Social and regulatory pressure to reduce emissions in the shipping industry will require terminals to decarbonise and transition away from diesel. This panel discussion reviews the value drivers for electrified port equipment and how automation and electrification can go hand in hand.

The Impact of the Pandemic on Port Terminal Operations and New Innovation Projects

This session discusses the effect the global pandemic has had on port terminals and the adjustments that can be made to mitigate the challenges posed by the resultant regulations, social distancing guidelines and a strained economy.

Utilising Data to Make Meaninful and Value-Added Decisions

Big Data projects are revolutionising information processing in the port by providing terminal operators with the information they need to make results-oriented decisions. Panellists discuss how Big Data projects will give you full control of your operations and allow you to extract key insights from an otherwise unmanageable and underutilised quantity of data.

Debate: The Future of Automation

The adoption of automation in ports and terminals has accelerated, but operational difficulties and high costs has meant that the industry has been slow to adopt the technology. In this Panel, industry experts anticipate the complex variables which will affect the adoption of automation in both brownfield and greenfield projects in the next decade.

Emerging Technologies and How Innovation Projects Translate to Real Word Results

Recent years have seen rapid advancements in technological innovation, which is impacting the way port terminals are run, but it can be difficult to decide which technologies deserve your investment. This update discusses which technologies will provide instant value to your terminal and suggest which technologies may not be ready for widespread adoption.

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